30+ Attractive Funny Kid’s Room Furniture Ideas

Attractive funny kid's room furniture ideas 34

Kid’s Bedroom Furniture

Do you need bedroom furniture to give your teen a place to keep her makeup, play games, or have a bit of solitude? I know how you feel because mine did too. It was so dull in the living room where there was a television and not much else. It was even worse in the bedroom with just a mirror, some makeup supplies, and a book.

I was frustrated with this situation, so I started shopping for a makeover for my teen room. My daughter loves art and crafts, and she was looking for some to do while playing on the computer. So, what better place to find some than in the bathroom? And since the kids use the sink to brush their teeth, I figured that the mirror in her bedroom would be perfect.

Of course, there were a few things I had to look into before getting started on the project for our teen room. First off, where were my kids at the time? Was I going to be able to fit all of this in there? Would we have enough counter space to hold all of the stuff needed to be kept in there?

You’ll also want to know if the small room was big enough for this? I considered painting the walls pink, but then my daughter found a game for the character from Harry Potter. The bedroom is also for her dolls, and one time I had to find a new spot for the Barbie doll as she was sitting on the dresser on top of the drapes, and the first one was missing. Sometimes, kids aren’t the easiest to shop for.

After considering all these things, I decided that it’s time to go out and get some furniture. I remember thinking, “It’s not just a closet, now we have a whole room to go with it!” I ordered one of my favorite pieces from Remodelista.com, “The Ben Franklin Dresser.”

This dresser makes the girls’ room perfect. It can store everything under the sun, and it has shelves that can be pulled out for any extra necessities like flashlights and foot massagers. Plus, the roll-up doors make it easy to get out of the room and don’t take up valuable floor space.

Another great piece of furniture is the Bed & Bath Vanity, which can double as a dresser. I’ve got more space to store away items than any other part. Another great piece for the bed is the Bowers & Wilkins Soundcraft. It has two speakers and two subwoofers, so you can listen to your favorite tunes while reading or playing your music.

I hope you find some furniture for your teen room! I always recommend getting online if you want to save money and do a quick search.