Designing a Cozy Teen Bedroom the Hippie Design

Designing a cozy teen bedroom the hippie design 2

Your teenager has a variety of personalities and tastes from which to choose a design style. And usually very different from the choice of decoration that parents think is the best choice.

One option that is popular with them is retro or hippie style. The fruit of the decline of time to the era of promiscuity, wildness, as well as drug experiments that change minds since the 1960s. While it may not seem realistic to promote some of these ideas to them, there are plenty of hippie themes to suit your teen’s room.

Iconic symbols like lava lamps, beads, and peace symbols are great for today’s hippie themes. Hang the beaded ornament on the doorway in the opposite direction of the door opening. The beaded curtain will wash over you every time you enter or leave the room. It can create a feeling in your teenager about his world. Like a special place that only he owns. A place where she learned to be herself and get a sense of comfort.

The lava lamp on the nightstand provides a tremendous secondary light at night when the lights are dim. And in the daytime, it is a charming focal point for anyone looking at it while spending time in the room.

You can make peace symbols, and black art posters look great with some work. A nice frame can transform a sign so that it looks more like the original work of art. Avoid less desirable options, like marijuana plants, and focus more on the hippie lifestyle’s peaceful themes. Being a hippie is more than just smoking pot and making love. It’s usually more than just finding inner peace and being comfortable within yourself.

Organic options reflect the hippie spirit and can even save you money over the life of those occasional items, such as energy-efficient lamps. The many different organic choices in the bedroom are a reflection of everything hippies embody. Your modern hippie will love comfortable sheets made from materials like organic cotton or bamboo derivatives. Eco-friendly furniture fits in the same style, and while it may cost a little more to buy, it’s worth the investment as it’s so much better for your teen and the environment.

Combine bright colors with neutral colors to create a happy, healthy, and peaceful place for him to relax. Hippie teens need their own space to be themselves. You can achieve this goal with a combination of shades that inspire creativity while promoting peace. Shades of green, red, orange, blue, yellow, and even contrast like black and white are good choices, but limit reds as they add excess excitement to the bedroom space. The rainbow effect coordinates with the hippie style. You can achieve it in a teenage boy’s room using a nice hippie pillow or mural.